VOICE is a comprehensive healthcare service culture improvement system that enables your caregivers and staff to improve healthcare satisfaction, quality, and cost-reductions.

VOICE provides healthcare providers with a set of house-wide interventions to focus on your core healthcare improvement goals and needs including:

  1. Patient’s VOICE Clinics®: A series of one-hour skills-based workshops consisting of proven healthcare service and collaboration skills used in world-class organizations.
  2. VOICE of the Patient™: A healthcare learning tool to enable healthcare professionals to uncover and respond to the individual needs of patients and their family.
  3. Patient’s VOICE Meetings™: A series of one-hour process improvement workshops designed to identify and implement healthcare service and quality improvement innovations and best practices.

To keep costs low and meet the needs of busy healthcare professionals, the practice-intensive VOICE Clinics and VOICE Meetings can be conducted as:

1. On-the-job structured meetings led by client managers and leaders

2. Webinars led by Customer Focus or client facilitators

3. Classroom sessions led by Customer Focus or client facilitators

Each VOICE Clinic and VOICE Meeting includes detailed steps, examples, practice activities, accountable standards, on-the-job tools, coaching tools, and mastery tests.

Whether you seek to improve patient satisfaction, healthcare quality, or to reduce your risks and costs, the VOICE system offers comprehensive healthcare learning and performance improvement tools for fast, sustainable results.