Healthcare Tools & Best Practices

customer service healthcareVOICE Clinics were hugely helpful for our Help Desk to implement a new EMR system enterprise-wide.
—Director of Information Services

In addition to providing the best collection of healthcare communication skills, VOICE Clinics includes hundreds of tools, checklists, and best practices from scores of healthcare providers. Here’s just a sample:

Reducing Healthcare Mistakes

  • 8 high-gain ways to reduce medical errors
  • 9 ways to help patients prevent medication mix-ups
  • Reduce errors with a 6-step patient hand-off
  • 8 essential questions to ask when explaining medications

Using Electronic Medical Records

  • 10 ways to use EMRs to improve your patient interactions
  • 8 ways to get patients to use and update their EMRs
  • Prepare to train patients to use EMRs
  • EMR computer training strategies

Communication Requirements in Healthcare

  • 8 ways to be sure you receive informed consent
  • 7 ways to protect patient privacy
  • 8 topics to cover in all patient discharges
  • 9 steps to include in a patient follow-up call

Resolving Challenging Patient Situations

  • The 12 steps to handling adverse outcomes
  • 11 keys for making effective healthcare apologies
  • 10 ways to deal with an angry patient
  • 7 ways to manage late and no-show patients

Department and Specialties Improvements

  • 10 ways to improve emergency department service
  • 10 ways to make the nursing home environment more inviting
  • 8 home healthcare service musts
  • 7 ways to optimize optometry customer service

Office Policies and Insurance Issues

  • 8 keys to communicating office policies
  • 10 ways to provide clear answers to insurance questions
  • Help patients avoid 5 common insurance pitfalls
  • Prevent the top 5 insurance provider errors

Serving Special-Needs Patients

  • 14 tips to communicating with hearing-impaired patients
  • 10 tips to better serve patients with mobility problems
  • 11 ways to communicate with vision-impaired patients
  • 7 ways to ease communication with speech-impaired patients

Telephone, Image, Office Communications

  • How to handle urgent telephone calls effectively
  • 6 fundamentals of voicemail etiquette
  • Project a professional healthcare appearance (Part 1)
  • 8 tips for better stress management
  • 7 ways to reduce patient turnover

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