Proven Healthcare Skills

Communication Skills for Hospital StaffThe I-Can Response helps us become problem-solvers and turn ‘No, I can’t do that’ into ‘Yes, I Can.’
—Director of Respiratory Care

All Clinic skills, skill examples, practice activities, and team simulations are healthcare-specific and relevant for all hospital employees from nurses to nutritionists, food service to finance, technicians to transport, physicians to pharmacists; and receptionists to rehab.

Imagine every employee in your hospital consistently using these proven Clinic skills:

  • SpeakWell™ of patients and co-workers
  • The KIND™ Greetinghospital food service
  • Align visually (non-verbal cues)
  • The I-Can Response™
  • Managing expectations
  • The 5-Ps of Respect™
  • WASHands™
  • Asking & Listening to the Patient’s VOICE
  • Will-You Requests™
  • TeachBack Requests™
  • Level-3 Empathy™
  • BlameFree Apology™
  • Say “No” with I-Can™
  • Motivational Clarifying™

We have two distinct groups within our unit: clinical and support.  VOICE Clinics have both groups communicating and appreciating each other much, much more.
—Co-Director, Emergency Services

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Integrated, Master Skills

The Clinic skills are all variations or combinations of the Five Master Skills (to the right) that flow together to create natural, authentic interactions.

Employees practice the Five Master Skills in every Clinic in varied healthcare situations to become masters of communicating, serving, and collaborating with patients, family members, and each other.

Like DNA, the Five Master Skills are the building blocks of all communication skills that unlock the source of all interpersonal interactions.

The “What” as well as the “How”

The Five Master Skills show “How” to respect, ask, listen, explain, and resolve. The VOICE models show the “What” to ask and listen to in each Patient’s VOICE, and the “What” to express in one’s own Authentic VOICE.

Revolutionary and empowering, the VOICE models enable every employee to share VOICEs to serve, engage, and collaborate fully and authentically with patients and each other.  More on Patient's VOICE

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