Why Spaced 1-Hour Clinics

Patient Satisfaction TrainingJust the way the Clinics are set up…every two weeks…it lets our leaders hold Clinics and then do their regular rounding; observing skills use, then coaching and holding people accountable in the moment. —Chief Nursing Officer

Hospitals’ training dilemma

The reason to space the one-hour VOICE Clinics 2 to 4 weeks apart is simple -- to greatly reduce employee time off the job. It's efficient and effective.

For 18 years, we have implemented service-culture programs for many world-class companies. We know how uniquely difficult it is for hospitals to implement skills programs:

  • Employees cannot easily be taken off-the-jobHospital service training
  • Performance and learning needs vary greatly
  • Learning content must be evidence-based
  • Performance systems are not aligned with service, quality, and cost-control
  • Professional trainers are too expensive and not seen as “content” experts

Wrong training methods

That’s why hospitals frequently:

  1. Do single-event learning that is disruptive and has little long-term effect; or
  2. Use online learning that's good for developing knowledge but not interpersonal skills; or
  3. Put employees in a room for hours of slides and lectures with no skills training

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 Why 1-hour spaced Clinics work

That’s why we developed Skill Clinics for hospitals. The 1-hour Clinics spaced two weeks apart fit hospitals' busy schedules. They enable employees to focus their skill-practice and managers to focus their coaching. And because the Clinics are one hour of tightly designed learning activities, they enable managers and directors to conduct the Clinics (then coach to those skills).

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Summary of 1-hour, spaced Clinics

  • Reduces employee time off their jobs
  • Enable attendance at breaks and shift changes
  • Spaced learning is proven more effective than massed learningHospital service training
  • Are easier for non-trainers (e.g. directors) to conduct
  • Allow practice and documented use of standards between Clinics
  • Encourage unit-wide or house-wide weekly themes to reinforce content
  • Enable managers to focus coaching during daily rounds
  • Build local managers and directors as role-models who walk-the-talk
  • Enable cumulative mastery learning
  • Can be locally customized to fit each team’s needs
  • Create an ongoing rapid-response learning platform

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