The VOICE Clinics

Skill ClinicsVOICE Clinics provide practical skills that all employees can use in their daily interactions with patients.
—Director of Radiology Services

I love the Empathy and GEMs VOICE Clinics.
—Practice Manager

VOICE Clinics

We recommend that all your employees and managers participate in these ten VOICE Clinics to establish common service and collaboration skills, standards, and values:

  1. Own Each Patient’s Experience
  2. Healthcare satisfactionAlign to Build Trust and Confidence
  3. The KIND Greeting & Manage Expectations
  4. Delight with GEMs® (Go the Extra Mile)
  5. The 5-Ps of Respect
  6. Ask and Listen to Each Patient’s VOICE
  7. Explain & Instruct for Improved Outcomes
  8. Level-3 Empathy
  9. Resolve Complaints and the BlameFree Apology
  10. Peer Coaching: Like & Remember Feedback

Sources of VOICE Clinics' content

Simple, Scalable, and Flexible

VOICE offers many options to meet your needs:

  • Choose from the ten 1-hour VOICE Clinics above (we strongly recommend all ten)
  • Space  Clinics 2, 3, or 4 weeks apart or cluster them into 2-hour, half-day, or full-day sessions
  • To train your Trainers, use our Train-the-Trainer (TTT) or Trainer Self-Prep
  • Use the included four 1-hour Coach Sessions to implement VOICE Accountability Process
  • Target one department or house-wide. Start small or save upfront with House-Wide License.

When we piloted VOICE Clinics in our Critical Care unit, patient satisfaction scores went up.  And they’ve been sustained!
—Director of Critical Care

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Initial Group

Hospital Research GroupTest the ten Core VOICE Clinics with several hospital units totaling 100 to 200 employees. In less than six months, you will likely see those units’ HCAHPS go above 80%ile and even up to 95%ile. Then roll-out VOICE Clinics house-wide during another six month period. After employees complete the Core Clinics, continue the ongoing Documented Coaching System with the 100 VOICE Standards. More on Initial Group and Guarantee

VOICE Clinics have helped us implement other time-consuming initiatives by developing teamwork among different units.
—Chief Nursing Officer

Ongoing rapid-response learning platform

Hospital Emergency Room Patient SatisfactionWith our License, you can add your own VOICE Clinics as a rapid-response learning platform. The VOICE Clinics enable your local directors and Learning department to quickly develop and deploy new Clinics to address local issues and help implement new hospital programs. More on  License

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