Patient Satisfaction

Our Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores have gone up to 95 percentile and have stayed up due to VOICE Clinics.
—Director, Food and Nutrition Services

Since VOICE Clinics, in our HCAHPS data we have definitely made improvements in overall rating, communication with nurses, with doctors, pain, and communications regarding medications.
Chief Nursing Officer

HCAHPS and Patient Satisfaction Scores

Improving patient satisfaction scores and HCAHPS scores is the primary purpose of the VOICE Clinics hospital customer service program.

As documented in hospital executive video interviews, VOICE Clinics improve HCAHPS scores and Press Ganey scores from initial scores as low as 10 percentile up to 99 percentile for inpatient satisfaction, and hospital-wide to high as 95 percentile when measuring patient satisfaction.

To improve hospital satisfaction and create hospital service excellence, VOICE Clinics cover:

  • All HCAHPS patient satisfaction items and domains
  • Press Ganey patient satisfaction survey measures and loyalty drivers
  • Inpatient satisfaction items
  • Medical office customer service and patient satisfaction
  • Patient satisfaction in the emergency department
  • Hospital and healthcare complaint resolution and service recovery
  • Creating outstanding patient experiences and measuring patient experiences
  • Other hospital service improvement programs such as Studer AIDET, Susan Baker, and Crucial Confrontations
  • Patient experience management including managing patient expectations to prevent patient dissatisfaction, hospital complaints, and medical lawsuits
  • Hospital service excellence standards and goals
  • Adhering to HIPPA standards, patient privacy, and patient rights
  • Hospital best practices and healthcare patient satisfaction improvement ideas and tools

Additionally, VOICE Clinics uniquely combine service, teamwork, and collaboration skills to enable hospitals and medical offices to not only improve patient satisfaction but also improve patient health, patient goals, and long-term positive patient experiences and outcomes.

By addressing both service situations and collaboration processes, VOICE Clinics is the most effective patients satisfaction improvement tool and program for medical customer service, hospital customer service, medical office customer service, and patient satisfaction in hospitals.

Whether your hospital seeks to increase its Medicare Value Based Purchasing scores in response to pay-for-performance, or seeks to build a culture of hospital service excellence and positive patient experiences in hospitals, or just improve hospital patient satisfaction by improving patient experiences, VOICE Clinics is the most effective healthcare service improvement program available.