Three-Year License

If you plan to train more than 500 employees, the 3-Year License is a great way to save lots of money.

The 3-Year License provides you with the electronic masters of all VOICE Clinic materials including Participant, Trainer, Coach, Leader, and Program Manager materials for the ten Clinics, four Coach Sessions, TTT sessions, Leader Meeting, Executive Preview, Kick-off Event, Graduation, and more.

The License authorizes you to revise them any way, reproduce in any form, and distribute in any media the VOICE Clinic materials for your authorized employees.

$50 per employee on 3-Year License

You only pay one low price based on the number of employees who will trained and receive all the VOICE materials for all the VOICE Events and VOICE Roles.

Plus you can apply the following discounts to the 3-Year License:

  • Over 1,000 employees: 10%
  • Over 2,500: 15%
  • Over 5,000: 20%
  • Over 10,000: 30%
  • Over 20,000: 40%

3-Year License enables you to:

Plus, with the 3-Year License:

  • You can print and produce only what you want, when you want (minimize paper)
  • You have access to ordering from our exclusive Printer-Pricing website all VOICE materials (with FREE logos on materials and FREE Shipping)
  • You can customize the materials yourself and create multiple versions for different units, locations, hospitals
  • Re-purpose the VOICE Clinic content and include it in other programs and communications
  • Create a database of the Clinic tools, checklists, and best practices to build upon
  • Create new VOICE  Clinics and explore new ways of making VOICE  Clinics work for you

We encourage you to creatively adapt and apply the VOICE Clinics’ vision, values, skills, standards, models, processes, and concepts to your healthcare provider organization.

And we make it easy by supplying you with:

  • Master files in ready-to-print pdf and graphic files
  • Printer instructions for producing and assembling ready-to-use Participant, Trainer, Leader, Coach, and Program Manager materials
  • Pre-assembled materials for your printers to emulate
  • Original files in Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe graphics so you can revise, re-configure, and re-purpose the materials
  • Guidelines and suggestions for  what and how to customize the Skill Clinics

We place only minimum restrictions such as acknowledging us as the source and distributing the content only to licensed employees. There are no other required consulting fees, material fees, or hidden fees.

What's included in License

The VOICE License enables you to use for your licensed employees:

  • All VOICE Materials for the ten VOICE Clinics materials, 4 Coach Sessions, TTT sessions, Leader Meeting, and more
  • All Clinic trademarked and copyrighted skills and models (Patient’s VOICE, Collaborative HealthCare, Patient Experience Ownership, Five Master Skills, GEMs, etc.)
  • The 100 VOICE Standards and Standards Rating Form
  • The built-in Performance Management and Accountability process
  • The Trainer Certification process to certify future internal Clinic Leaders
  • VOICE Clinics as an ongoing Rapid-Response Learning Platform
  • Over 100 Patient Satisfaction Tools, Job Aids, and Checklists
  • Over 100 Healthcare Management Tools and Checklists
  • Over 300 Healthcare Best Practices
  • The GEMs Peer-to-Peer Reward Program
  • Comprehensive Patient Satisfaction Research report

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