Customized VOICE Clinics

We’ve worked in the learning industry for 30 years and know that most training customizations are expensive, time-consuming, and quickly outdated. With VOICE Clinics, that too changes.

With no-minimums and no License needed, you can instantly upload and place your logos on the VOICE Materials for FREE and without any delay in your ordered materials. And you can proof it right on screen when you upload it.

With VOICE Clinics’ 3-Year License we give you all the electronic masters in original Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe graphics files for you to customize and derive new materials and uses so that, at no additional cost, you can quickly and continuously:

  • Re-brand VOICE Clinics with your hospital’s name, purpose, and vision and values
  • Re-position Clinics as an extension of an existing program (and not the flavor of the month)
  • Re-structure Clinics into 2-hour, half-day, or even full-day sessions.
  • Re-purpose the content into e-learning sessions, webinars, lunch sessions, and distance learning
  • Re-new Clinics by merging them with future programs and creative applications
  • Print and produce only what you want, when you want

We’ll do a Branded Customization for you

With the 3-Year License, you can do all the customization of the VOICE Clinics that you'd like. If you'd like, we could do an initial Branded Customization of the VOICE Clinics materials in which we'll include:

  • Your mission and values statements
  • You hospital or organization name and logo throughout
  • Internal department and function names and goals
  • References to your existing or expected programs and how VOICE Clinics fit into them
  • Your existing concept and skill models and how the VOICE Clinics concepts and models fit them or support them
  • Examples of unique patient and internal situations and challenges and how to use the VOICE Clinics models and skills to address them
  • Desired scripted responses such as standard greetings, questions, explanations, responses, and closing statements

Just ask us what you want to include or change and we'll make it all happen -- quickly, easily, and at low cost.

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