I’ve been in a hospital that ran Studer. I'd say VOICE is better and is far less expensive. —Chief Nursing Officer

Before you invest in a service, management, or quality program (or already have decided) compare VOICE Clinics with your options or current program. Use the evaluators below or your own criteria to compare your options. We believe you will find VOICE Clinics to be the most compelling, patient-centric, employee-empowering, leader-developing, least expensive, results-oriented healthcare learning and performance improvement program anywhere, guaranteed!

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Provides 80-95%ile Guarantee          
Covers HCAHPS behaviors          
Covers Press-Ganey items          
World-class service & quality skills          
Teamwork & collaboration skills          
Targets sources of errors, neglect, costs          
Positions patients as partners          
Research-based proven skills          
Delivered as 1-hour workshops          
Manager & employee training          
Intensive employee skill practice          
Trains & uses managers-as-trainers          
Establishes house-wide standards          
Imbedded performance management          
Employee engagement & empowerment          
For all hospital employees & managers          
Pick and target advanced skills          
Includes service reward program          
Includes 300+ best practices          
Includes 100+ tools & checklists          
License to customize content          
Rapid-response learning platform          
Fast Branded Customization          
Includes Patient's VOICE          
Internalizes all capabilities & costs          
Requires only one 5-day Leader Training          
No external consulting costs          
No materials costs option          
Low per person cost