VOICE Implementation

HCAHPS TrainingI love the way our VOICE Master Trainer got to know our organization and the hospital so well.
—Practice Manager

We make it easy, low-risk, and low cost to test VOICE Clinics in your healthcare provider organization.

Choose Trainer Self-Prep or Train-the-Trainer sessions

Use Trainer Self-Prep if you are only training 4 to 100 employees per location and it's too expensive or inconvenient to bring local professionals or managers to a central location for three separate one-day Train-the-Trainer sessions (TTT). The effective Trainer Self-Prep provides highly-structured online Trainer training  and Trainer webcam-recorded rehearsals with online video-feedback and certification from our Master Trainers -- all included in the price of each Trainer Guide.

If you do have more than 100 employees in your location(s) or you can bring local Trainers to a central location or you will use more central Trainers to travel to smaller locations, then its best to use the formal TTT sessions combined with the Trainer Self-Prep webcam-rehearsals rehearsals and feedback. CLICK HERE to see the price of the TTT and what's included.


Improving patient satisfaction scoresWhen we piloted VOICE  Clinics in our Critical Care unit, patient satisfaction scores went up.  And they’ve been sustained!
—Director of Critical Care


To begin VOICE Clinics with an Initial Group

To prepare for a house-wide implementation , you can conduct VOICE Clinics with an Initial Group in one several units or locations with a total of 100 to 300 employees. The Initial Group will help you to:

  • Determine any desired customizations you’d like to make
  • Develop internal Master Trainers to train other internal VOICE Trainers house-wide
  • Establish internal implementation procedures
  • Build success stories for your house-wide implementation

Turn-key Implementation Process

Once you decide to move forward with an Initial Group, here’s what you do:

  • Identify your VOICE Sponsor (C-Level Exec) and Program Manager (influential department head)
  • Select units totally 100-300 employees (1-2 care units and 1-2 support units) as the Test Group
  • Select 3 to 6 directors/managers  in the Test Group as VOICE Leaders (and possibly as VOICE Trainers)
  • Have our Master Trainer conduct a 90-minute Leader Meeting to select their VOICE Coaches (or use the Leader Self-Prep system)
  • Select staff professionals and/or line directors as VOICE Trainers (1 Trainer for every 50 employees)
  • Have us conduct the first one-day TTT to train your Trainers and Coaches (or use the Trainer Self-Prep and Coach Self-Prep systems)
  • Schedule a 20- to 40-week cycle so each of the ten VOICE Clinics are conducted every 2 to 4 weeks

VOICE Train-the-Trainer

Our optional, but highly recommended, VOICE Train-the-Trainer system trains your VOICE Trainers, Coaches, and Master Trainers all in three 1-day sessions, each 2-5 days before your first sessions of Clinics 1, 2, and 3:

  1. Session #1 (1 day): In first 2-hours, our Master Trainer conducts Clinic 1 and Coach Session 1. Your Coaches then leave. Your Trainers then rehearse Clinic 1.
  2. Session #2 (1 day): In first 2-hours our Master Trainer conducts Clinic 2 and Coach Session 2. Your Coaches  leave. Your Trainers  rehearse Clinic 2. We train any internal Master Trainers.
  3. Session #3 (1 day): In first 2-hours our Master Trainer conducts Clinic 3 and Coach Session 3. Your Coaches  leave. Your Trainers  rehearse Clinic 3. We train any internal Master Trainers.

After each of the above TTTs, your Trainers also webcam-record their final Clinic rehearsals and receive online video-feedback from our Master Trainer to be certified in each of Clinics 1 to 3. After TTT3 and Clinic 3, your internal Master Trainers can continue 1/2-day TTTs for each Clinic, or your Trainers do Self-Prep for the remaining Clinics. You can also continue the Trainer webcam-recordings and feedback by our or your Master Trainers.

House-wide Implementation

After the Initial Group, I wouldn’t implement VOICE Clinics any other way than house-wide!
—Chief Nursing Officer

After 3 to 5 months experience with the Initial Group, you can implement VOICE Clinics house-wide (the Initial Group doesn't need to be finished, it can continue or wait for others to catch up):

  • A house-wide implementation will enable all employees to learn, discuss, and share the same skills and standards at the same time
  • You can train all your Trainers (directors and staff) at the same time
  • You can continue to use our Master Trainers or your internal Master Trainers to conduct the TTT session

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