Healthcare Accountability

Hosptial mentor trainingThe Accountability mechanism helps managers know how their people are internalizing the skills back on the job.
—Director of Food & Nutrition Services

VOICE Clinics don't just establish house-wide accountable service and collaboration standards. They develop the skills for all employees and managers to demonstrate the 100 VOICE Standards, and they implement an Accountability Process for managers to measure, reinforce, and improve employee performance against the 100 VOICE Standards.

VOICE Accountability Process

The diagram below illustrates the Accountability Process:

  • Each Clinic’s skills are converted to standards on a Standards Accountability Form (SAF)
  • At end of each Clinic, employees review, select, and commit to the standards on the SAF
  • Within 7 days, employees document behaviors they used to meet the standards on the SAF
  • Managers review and discuss employee documentation of standards
  • Managers discuss and reward employee use of standards in daily rounds
  • Every 3 or 4 VOICE Clinics, managers formally observe and coach employees on the standards
  • Managers track and reward employees’ fulfillment of the Clinics and the standards

100% of our employees document their use of the standards between Clinics.
—Consensus of directors-as-trainers


The simple Accountability Process:

  • Ensures practice of each Clinic’s skills on the job
  • Provides frequent informal employee-manager performance discussions
  • Develops employees and managers as expert observers and documenters of behavioral skills
  • Establishes house-wide standards performed and documented by all employees
  • Provides structured observations and coaching sessions of trained, validated behaviors
  • Ties human resource decisions and rewards to trained, validated behaviors

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