Use Any Other Program?

VOICE Clinics can supplement or replace an existing service- or quality-training or performance management program.

Existing internal service training program

Some hospitals tell us they’ve “done” service training or have an existing program. Often the service program was a one-day or half-day event that was shortened further by work demands. All have said there was only a short-term impact that went away (Hawthorne Effect).

Hospitals are often concerned that VOICE Clinics will be perceived as just another program or seem too close to the last program or will introduce different language. In those situations, we can re-brand VOICE Clinics as a continuation of the prior program and even use them to reinforce that program’s language and models.

Existing external service program

Again, VOICE Clinics can be used to reinforce or re-apply a prior service program. For example, your Clinic Leaders can show employees how a simple interaction model such as AIDET can be part of VOICE Clinic #4’s KIND Greeting. Or how Relationship-Based Healthcare, which focuses on both quality and service, is a necessary step to Collaborative HealthCare, which focuses on quality, service, and participation.

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Existing performance management program

Just like manager programs, such as Studer and Crucial Confrontations, VOICE Clinics show managers how to communicate, measure, and coach to performance standards.

Unlike those other programs, VOICE Clinics also define comprehensive, clear standards for all employees and trains employees and managers how to achieve and document those standards. What’s more, Clinics position managers as trainers and role-models for the standards who walk-the-talk.

Although VOICE Clinics can replace manager-only programs, they also can be used to supplement or build upon them. For example, coaching structures such as Rounding can be used with the VOICE Clinics.

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Patient survey feedback systems

You’ve invested in patient survey feedback data and systems (e.g. Press Ganey). You know how challenging it is to raise those scores. That’s why hospitals hold their managers and directors accountable to raise them. But managers need the tools to do so. Telling managers to confront or discipline employees can hurt employee relations at a time of talent shortages.

VOICE gives your managers the tools to target and address the low scores, and the skills to engage and empower their employees to take HCAHPS scores and other quality measures to the top ten percentile.

The bottom line is that VOICE Clinics are a great tool for leveraging your past, current, and future investments in improving patient satisfaction, performance management, healthcare quality, and cost-control efforts.

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