Patient Satisfaction Tools & Best Practices

VOICE Clinics also include a database of over hundred manager tools and checklists to implement long-term changes toward Collaborative HealthCare. Here is a partial list.

Initiating Patient-Centered Improvements

  • 10 ways patient-centered healthcare reduces costs
  • 7 reasons why patient satisfaction matters
  • Overcoming physician skepticism about patient-centered healthcare
  • 9 quick-start ideas for launching a patient satisfaction program

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

  • HCAHPS: 9 things you need to know
  • Gathering qualitative as well as quantitative insights
  • 10 steps for creating benchmarks for medical groups
  • An internal customer satisfaction checklist

Establishing Patient-Centered Service Standards

  • 6 business lessons for healthcare organizations
  • 7 traits of high-performing healthcare organizations
  • 9 steps to forming a Patient Advisory Council
  • Teamwork and internal service in healthcare

Patient-Centered Projects to Implement

  • Fixing the 10 most common patient complaints
  • 6 strategies to coordinate care among specialists
  • 6 low-tech methods to improve patient satisfaction
  • 9 ways to eliminate healthcare silos

Using Computer Technology to Improve Patient-Centered Healthcare

  • 6 hospital technical systems that reduce errors and improve service
  • 6 technology solutions for the physician’s office
  • 8 ways to use the PC with patients in the exam room
  • 8 elements of high-tech patient rooms
  • 12 patient email must-dos
  • 6 ways to make billing patient-friendly

Applying Hospitality Methods to Improve Patient-Centered Healthcare

  • 9 ways to make patient rooms and amenities more patient-friendly
  • 6 ways to make the patient feel at home
  • 10 ways to create a kid-friendly environment
  • 8 easy ways to make your food service more appealing to patients

Hiring, Developing, and Motivating Patient-Centered Employees

  • Hiring for customer service: 7 traits you wan and 6 you don’t want
  • Guidelines for conducting employee interviews
  • New-hire orientation suggestions
  • Setting patient-centered performance goals
  • Measuring employee performance
  • 9 strategies for building patient-focused teams
  • 10 skills of top performing managers
  • 6 ways to link pay to patient satisfaction