Internal VOICE Trainers

Patient Satisfaction Manager TrainingFacilitating VOICE Clinics helps directors and managers in a time constrained environment to hear and understand what’s going on with our people.
—Co-Director of Food & Nutrition Services

Use Internal Staff or Line Trainers

With VOICE, you can use either your staff professionals or your line directors as VOICE Trainers (or use our Master Trainers). We highly recommend that you use your line directors because they bring great credibility and impact to the VOICE Clinics, and you greatly develop your line directors' as Leaders. And because you can use our 3-day Train-the-Trainer program or our Trainer Self-Prep system, your directors-as-trainers can focus on developing their employees.


Developing managers-as-trainers is not new to us. In many industries, we've used our GIFTed Trainer® program to train thousands of hospitality, call center, retail, and technical managers to conduct 1-hour skills- and technical-workshops for over tens of thousands of employees. We've developed thousands of managers who are proud to say they are GIFTed Trainers of their people.

Developing Hospital ManagersWe offered our 70 directors (who conduct the VOICE Clinics) extra staff trainers. Some directors had ten or more groups. All of them said, “No thanks, we can take it from here”.
—Chief Nursing Officer

It actually saves directors' time?

So we built-in what worked for other industries into our VOICE Clinics for all healthcare providers. For the last few years, we’ve trained healthcare directors to conduct our VOICE Clinics using our formal Train-the-Trainer sessions and our Trainer Self-Preparation system. The effort, the skill, and the caring of these managers-as-trainers is inspiring:

  • The directors stepped out of their comfort zone, and said “We’ll take it from here”
  • Although some worried about the time commitment, all felt it saved time in the end (see video interviews)
  • The employees thirsted for real-world skill practice and team-building led by their directors
  • The directors brought unexpected touches to each Clinic and themes in the workplace
  • Every employee practiced and documented the standards between Clinics
  • The directors gained confidence and took pride in their Clinics and their people
  • Not one director would relinquish their role as Clinic Leader, even when offered

Caution using directors-as-trainers

Don’t hand managers a set of slides or handouts and tell them to “train” their people or you will fail your managers and employees. Managers-as-trainers works with VOICE Clinics because they:Patient Satisfaction Coordinator

  • Use high-quality, original content that managers are proud of
  • Use tightly designed, engaging, and even fun learning activities
  • Are tested  until proven to work with all hospital employees
  • Use webcam recorded Clinic rehearsals with video feedback
  • Use highly-structured Trainer materials that guarantee quality sessions

VOICE Clinics develop Leaders

VOICE Clinics change what matters most to patients — the care provided by your employees. But the greatest transformation may just be with your directors and how they learn to manage not by confronting but by being a role-model and an advocate. Not by dictating but by facilitating problem-solving and self-discovery. And not by pointing out errors and mistakes but by leading with a shared vision of patient-centered, collaborative healthcare. You just might never pay for a management consultant again.

Our Train-the-Trainer and Trainer Self-Prep system are proven methods for you to internalize VOICE Clinic expertise, improve receptivity, localize learning, and eliminate future external consulting costs.

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