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HCAHPS Checklist: The most comprehensive and integrative set of house-wide healthcare behaviors and standards to:

  • Raise HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores
  • Raise Value Based Purchasing scores
  • Reduce rework and costs through teamwork and coordination
  • Cut re-admissions with patient collaboration
  • Empower employees and patients to SpeakUp to prevent errors and neglect
  • Create a patient-centered culture that attracts talent and patients

HCAHPS Sample Toolkit: A few of the over 100 tools, checklists, and best practices used in hospitals, practices, home health, and nursing homes including:

  • 9 trends in patient expectations
  • The 12 fundamental patient rights
  • 14 ways to improve healthcare explanations
  • 10 ways to use EMRs to improve your patient interactions
  • 8 ways to get patients to use and update their EMRs

HCAHPS Research: A 28-page summary report with over 280 references on:

  • The correlates and causes of patient satisfaction, errors, and readmissions
  • Deficiencies in healthcare communication and relationship skills and their impacts
  • The case for improving patient satisfaction and healthcare communication skills
  • Communication needs of patients and healthcare employees
  • The skills of asking, listening, informing, and collaborating with patients and co-workers

Management Toolkit: A few of the of the over 100 management tools for

  • Building a patient-centered culture
  • Measuring patient satisfaction
  • Setting service standards
  • Using EMRs and computer technologies
  • Applying hospitality methods
  • Hiring, developing, and motivating employees

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