Improving patient safety in hospitals

VOICE Clinics bring to life real situations. They put the focus where it should be: On the patient. LEAN Facilitator

VOICE Skill Clinics really help staff work more effectively. The workshops have made everyone aware, and they are vocal when others don’t use VOICE skills.  Practice Manager

Patient safety and quality healthcare

In part, VOICE Clinics are a patient safety training program for improving patient safety in hospitals, establishing a patient safety first culture, and building a Just Culture that openly encourages medical errors to be identified, resolved, and prevented.

By developing communication and patient safety education and skills with all employees, VOICE Clinics a critical component to patient safety improvement programs and initiatives, and to patient safety in hospitals in-general.

Specifically, VOICE Clinics include these skills and tools for patient safety and quality healthcare:

  • TeachBack Requests as promoted by the National Quality Forum to improve patient adherence to medicines and care instructions
  • SpeakUp to avoid possible medical errors and medical mistakes before they occur
  • Improve patient engagement and activation in their healthcare goals, plans, and actions
  • Educate customers on their treatment and care options to enable informed patient choice and clinical quality improvement
  • Provide discharge information to improve adherence, reduce patient readmissions, and provide ongoing patient safety and communication
  • Follow and remind others to follow quality and patient safety guidelines to improve hospital patient safety and nursing patient safety
  • Set patient safety goals  and identify patient safety procedures and ideas for achieving them
  • Provide healthcare safety standards and manager rounding and coaching tools to improve hospital safety management and ongoing patient safety education

Since VOICE Clinics are delivered by local leaders and reinforced and coached by those leaders on the job, hospital units can more easily identify and implement patient safety initiatives and innovations, implement patient safety quality improvements, provide ongoing patient safety training, and create a safety culture and a Just culture.

Whether your hospital seeks patient safety quality improvement in general, or implement a patient safety initiative or program, or create a patient safety culture or a Just culture VOICE Clinics can provide the communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills to ensure world-class hospital patient safety and quality improvement.