Provider Testimonials

Healthcare challenges can be overwhelming.  We can’t change laws and regulations.  What we can control are people’s experiences.  The Patient’s VOICE is how we provide better care. —President & CEO, ThomsonReuters Top 100 Hospital

Since VOICE Clinics, in our HCAHPS data we have definitely made improvements in overall rating, communication with nurses, with doctors, pain, and communications regarding medications.
Chief Nursing Officer

Our Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction scores have gone up to 95 percentile and have stayed up due to VOICE Clinics.
Director, Food and Nutrition Services about her results in her department

In our Critical Care unit, patient satisfaction scores went up, and they’ve stayed up.
Director of Critical Care

In forty years, I’ve been through every healthcare service program available. VOICE Clinics are the best.
—Manager, Clinical Training & Education

VOICE Clinics go deeper than improving patient satisfaction scores. They’ve initiated a new way of doing business. Everyone in our organization is in the patient business. We’re all here to serve others.
Chief Nursing Officer

After VOICE Clinics, we’re not afraid to handle patients’ emotions.
Director of Outpatient Care

VOICE Clinics provide managers a safe way to confront behaviors without dictating.
Orthopedic Practice Leader

I’ve been in a hospital that ran Studer. Right now, I say VOICE Clinics are better and far less expensive.
Chief Nursing Officer

Because the Clinics improve our patient explanations and education, we're seeing returning patients less and less. Office Manager, Physician Services

Facilitating VOICE Clinics helps directors and managers in a time-constrained environment to hear and understand what’s going on with our people.
Co-Director of Food and Nutrition Services

We have two distinct groups within our unit: clinical and support. VOICE Clinics have both groups communicating and appreciating each other much, much more.
Co-Director, Emergency Services

VOICE Clinics truly allow me to make the patient experience the best it can be.
Director, Environmental and Linen Services

With VOICE Clinics, I really feel part of the patient care team. I’m not just the person who delivers trays.
Member of the foodservice staff

The VOICE program is terrific. The program advocates for the patient, which is exactly what I do.
Patient Advocate, Patient Financial Services

VOICE Clinics are a fun way to learn. I love them.
RN, Emergency Services

The Accountability mechanism helps managers know how their people are internalizing the skills back on the job.
Co-director of Food and Nutrition Services

VOICE Clinics were hugely helpful for the Help Desk to implement a new EMR system enterprise-wide.
Director of Information Services

The situations in VOICE Clinics reflected our every-day challenges.
Director, Pharmacy Services

The I-Can response helps us become problem-solvers and turn “No, I can’t do that” into “Yes, I Can.”
Director of Respiratory Care

I give VOICE Clinics a perfect 10 out of 10 for what they’ve done for us.
Director of Outpatient Care

VOICE Clinics allowed us to translate our core care principles into How-to’s and immediate action.
Director of Environmental and Linen Services

VOICE Clinics have helped us implement other time-consuming initiatives by developing teamwork among different units.
Chief Nursing Officer

Patient’s VOICE is for experienced managers and staff, who get caught up in the fast-paced world of healthcare. For new hires, it quickly shows them what we expect on a daily basis.
Unit Manager, Clinical Training & Education

I’ve watched my staff embrace the skills they’ve learned, and it’s great to watch the transformation.
Director of Critical Care

VOICE Clinics really help staff work more effectively. The workshops have made everyone aware, and they are vocal when others don’t use VOICE skills.
Practice Manager

I was able to see how I could immediately use the skills next time with a patient.
Director of Radiology

We offered our 70 directors [who conduct the VOICE Clinics] extra staff trainers to help them conduct the VOICE Clinics. Some had ten groups or more. All of them said, “No thanks, we can take it from here.”
Chief Nursing Officer

Employees bring up VOICE Clinics when they talk about how to handle patient situations. The whole organization is now on the same page when it comes to customer service.
Director, Food and Nutrition Services

I especially love the empathy and GEMs VOICE Clinics.
Practice Manager

VOICE Clinics provide practical skills that all employees can use in their daily interactions with patients.
Director of Radiology Services

VOICE Clinics are an excellent resource for all employees to improve and foster customer service.
Cardiovascular Serviceline Director

I love VOICE Clinics. The program is so empowering.
Supervisor, Food & Nutrition Services

VOICE Clinics bring to life real situations. They put the focus where it should be: On the patient.
LEAN Facilitator

VOICE Clinics translate common-sense concepts into common practice.
Critical Care Unit Director

The short, one-hour Clinics have much more impact than an “auditorium, ya’ll-come” type of event.
Director of Outpatient and Respiratory Care

Although it’s important what we say to patients and our co-workers, it’s also how we say it. VOICE Clinics make sure we do just that.
LEAN Facilitator