Improving Healthcare Quality

VOICE Clinics have given us the tools and techniques to provide knock-your-socks-off patient care.  —President & CEO, ThomsonReuters Top 100 Hospital

The VOICE program enables me, the physician, and other staff to work as a team to engage the patient and the patient family in their healthcare plan to provide the best healthcare possible.   —Nursing Manager, Emergency Department

Healthcare Quality Improvement

VOICE Clinics are also designed for improving quality of healthcare, supporting continuous quality improvement in healthcare, and promoting a culture of hospital quality improvement. VOICE Clinics provide caregivers with the communication skills to improve healthcare quality and the collaboration skills to involve and engage patients in setting their healthcare plans and goals and in improving their health.

Specifically, VOICE Clinics include these skills and practices for improving healthcare quality:

  • Educate and engage patients on their treatment and care options to enable informed patient choice and clinical quality improvement
  • TeachBack Requests as promoted by the National Quality Forum to improve patient adherence to care instructions and reduce hospital readmissions
  • Manage patient expectations to help ensure better healthcare quality decisions by patients and caregivers
  • Encourage healthcare quality improvement ideas and healthcare innovations for improving quality of healthcare
  • Provide discharge information to improve adherence, reduce patient readmissions, and support health quality improvement
  • Provide hospital quality standards and manager rounding and coaching tools to improve healthcare quality management practices

Because VOICE Clinics are delivered by local leaders and reinforced and coached by those leaders on the job, hospital units can more easily identify and implement healthcare quality ideas and innovations, implement continuous quality improvement in healthcare, and create a culture of safety and healthcare quality improvement.

Whether your hospital seeks healthcare quality improvement in general, or to implement healthcare quality management, or create a culture of hospital quality improvement, VOICE Clinics can provide the communication, teamwork, and collaboration skills to ensure world-class hospital quality improvement and patient safety.