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  • For world-class healthcare service culture change
  • Guaranteed 80-95 percentile patient satisfaction
  • Low staff time-off with ten 1-hour on-site VOICE Clinics spaced 2-4 weeks with your Trainers
  • Implements Accountability Process with 100 VOICE Standards
  • Built-in coaching, performance management, and peer-to-peer rewards
  • For all healthcare employees -- from food service to physicians, nurses to nutritionists
  • Low cost, turn-key, minimum time, start right away

World-class skills and standards measures by CMS, TJC, AMA, IOM, NQF, and others

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VOICE Clinics are for all healthcare employees including care-givers and support staff, whatever their title, experience, or credentials. We strongly recommend that everyone in your healthcare organization participate. And because VOICE Clinics include all the skills in the Calgary-Cambridge Physician’s Session Guide, your physicians and residents will greatly benefit. Further, since the VOICE Clinics are enjoyable and create great word-of-mouth, all employees will want to attend and come back for the next Clinic.

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Participants learn the secrets to creating patient experiences that get great patient satisfaction scores and engage patients in their healthcare. Includes memorable experiential activity, Patient TRU Needs, GEMs Secret to “Always” Ratings, Patient’s VOICE, Collaborative Healthcare, and the Accountability Process (documented job standards) used in all VOICE Clinics. Participants take-away specific actions to “own” patient and co-worker experiences.
This Clinic covers crucial respect behaviors measured in CAHPS surveys and advocated by AMA, TJC, IOM, and NQF. Participants learn the ‘must-dos’ to make patients and co-workers feel respected. Covers HIPPA privacy standards; physical privacy; appreciating diversity; and respecting time, space, and cultural values and beliefs. Introduces respecting Patient's VOICE and respectfully expressing one's Authentic VOICE. Includes an experiential activity about respect that no participant will ever forget. Participants take-away job-specific behaviors in four areas of respect. This Clinic is a must in multi-cultural environments.
Participants learn the most important skill to build rapport and trust. In one skill, they learn to welcome, assure, acknowledge, empathize, apologize, encourage, thank, praise, sympathize, agree, and express gladness to make people feel cared for, appreciated, and treated as a person. Includes non-verbal skills to show warmth and professionalism that affect 80% of people’s perceptions, and how to SpeakWell of co-workers, your provider, yourself, and the patient to create positive impressions.
Participants learn to build rapport, uncover concerns, explain their role, set relevant expectations, address upset patients, and start a collaborative conversation in less than 60 seconds. Includes how to set four patient expectations to prevent dissatisfaction, the four WARM tones of voice, and the Apologetic I-Can Response to quickly change negative emotions into positive actions. Covers AIDET and much, much more. All participants create personal scripts to practice and be coached to by managers on the job.
Participants learn the most important skill in healthcare: asking questions, listening, and checking understanding and acceptance. This is the heart of serving and collaborating with patients and co-workers. Covers reducing mistakes through better listening; using collaborative discussions to engage patients and co-workers; five listening assessment tests; changing closed to open questions; and active listening for hidden information, greater retention, and to show you heard. Participants write, practice, and take away their own personalized questions to practice and be coached on.
This Clinic is a must if you are seeking to reduce re-admissions, costs, and errors; and improve adherence, outcomes, and CAHPS scores on informing and explaining. Participants learn to replace their “I-can’t” responses with I-Can Responses; explain clearly and completely; check for understanding and acceptance; use TeachBack Requests to improve adherence; use Will-You Requests to improve collaboration and compliance; and to Speakup to prevent errors and address others’ abusive statements. This is employee empowerment at its best.
My favorite participant quote of all time is “With VOICE, we’re not afraid of patient emotions anymore.” This Clinic isn’t just about avoiding bad ratings or preventing complaints and lawsuits (although it will). This is about treating and caring for the whole person. Finally, a real how-to skills-based Clinic on how to show your true empathy and compassion. Participants learn to quickly reduce others’ anxiety, anger, and sadness; to authentically express empathy on three levels; to show seven visual cues that calm emotions; and to use four WARM tones of voice to maintain control and project warmth and confidence. Includes experiential activity that reminds every healthcare professional what healthcare is all about.
This Clinic gives the greatest boost to HCAHPS scores, innovation, and teamwork. This is the GEMs Secret to ‘Always’ Scores that will raise your scores above 80 percentile. GEMs empower employees to Go the Extra Mile to create what social psychologists call the ‘halo-effect’ where one very positive experience greatly affects all of that rater’s ratings. It’s why all CAHPS scores are highly correlated and tough to change. Includes three types of extras to give, Hidden Need GEMs, Preventative GEMs that prevent negative experiences, Recovery GEMs that turn negative into positive experiences, and the optional GEMs Service Reward Program that turn GEMs into best practices. GEMs will create an explosion of micro-innovations and bottom-up best practices. Participants take away specific GEMs to use back on the job.
If you’re serious about resolving complaints, potential lawsuits, and negative word-of-mouth at the source, this is the VOICE Clinic. This is world-class service recovery that combines proven complaint resolution skills with “Sorry” training used by University of Michigan and other top hospitals to reduce legal costs by as much as 80%. Participants are challenged to use all their VOICE skills (all previous Clinics are required) to turn upset patients, family, and co-workers into your most positive advocates.
This Clinic is essential if you are serious about real collaboration with patients and co-workers that resolves differences with win-win-win solutions. Saying “no” is increasingly important in healthcare as patients and family become more educated and demanding, and as cost-reduction is more necessary. Saying “no” is also crucial for support staff and team-members to speak-up and provide alternatives to prevent mistakes and inefficiencies before it’s too late. Participants use all their VOICE skills (all previous Clinics are required) along with four progressive proven conflict resolution and shared decision-making skills to keep patients, family, and co-workers satisfied and engaged as collaborators even under the most challenging and demanding situations.

Great for time-constrained healthcare professionals. Easiest to schedule and attend. Allows time between Clinics for focused practice and coaching. Also easiest for client (your) trainers to conduct. Great for creating bi-monthly themes. The ten VOICE Clinics get completed in 20 weeks.
Like the previous option, great for time-constrained healthcare professionals. Easy to schedule and attend. Allows more time between Clinics (one month) for focused practice and coaching. Even easier for client (your) trainers to conduct. Great for creating monthly themes. Best if training very large population of employees at same time. The ten VOICE Clinics get completed in 10 months (almost a year).
Combine your Clinics into pairs to complete them faster but still keep fairly short 2 1/4 hour sessions.
Combine your Clinics into threes for 3 ½- to 4-hour (half-day) sessions. Space the half-day sessions close together to finish training quickly or spread them out as far as once every six months to reinforce the learning.
Combine 5 or 6 Clinics into a full-day session (7 Clinics possible for 9-hour day). Could create two full-day 5-Clinic sessions with all ten Clinics. Great for getting your Clinics completed in one-day, or one-and-a-half days, or two one-day sessions. The drawback is less practice, coaching, and documentation of skill-use between sessions. Also, it’s more difficult for your trainers to conduct.
The 1-hour VOICE Clinics enable many possible schedules. For example, you can begin with a longer up-front session to create a big initial boost, then space out the remaining 1-hour Clinics over time to reinforce and add to the initial training.

VOICE Clinics are easy to conduct by your own trainers. In fact, we recommend that your departments’ directors be the trainers to increase Clinic relevance and receptivity and to develop them as leaders and role-models. Estimate 50 to 150 employees per director-trainer so each conducts at least 4 sessions of each Clinic. If using staff trainers, estimate 100 to 400 employees per staff trainer. We’ll conduct 2 to 4 days of Train-the-Trainer (T3) depending on number of Clinics you chose (and we space-out the T3 days with your Clinics.)
If you prefer, use our professional trainers to conduct your VOICE Clinics. Try to schedule 4 or 5 sessions in each training-day to optimize our trainers’ day. We’ll even do initial interviews with you so our trainers can speak to your current issues and goals.
If you prefer, supplement your trainers with our trainers. Or begin with our trainers and have your trainers co-train with them to gain experience. Then have your trainers conduct the remaining sessions. We’re flexible and can work with you to fit your needs, budget, and resources.

A 3-hour session in which your executives experience Clinics #1 and #2 and the Accountability Process, plus how to support the Patient’s VOICE Clinics.
We strongly recommend that all your non-trainer managers attend our half-day Manager Support Session to learn to: (1) introduce their employees to the Patient’s VOICE program; (2) enroll, track, and certify their employees in each Clinic; (3) coach employees’ use of the Clinics’ skills, personal scripts, and standards. If you use our T3 to train your trainers, this manager session is included at no additional charge as the first half-day of the T3. Your non-trainer managers and trainers learn together the manager support process and the Accountability Process.
This is a great way for your executives and our trainers to work together to Kickoff the Patient’s VOICE program in large groups. Create excitement and show the support of your executives before the VOICE Clinics begin. We can even produce a custom video that uses real patient, family, and employee interviews to illustrate the importance and meaning of the Patient’s VOICE.
Great for reinforcing and celebrating employees who give GEMs (Go the Extra Mile) to patients, family, and co-workers. And because employees who complete the GEMs Clinic #8 can give other employees the GEM awards, it empowers employees to recognize other employees. The GEMs awards can be turned into prizes and certificates. Individual GEMs can also become best-practices and innovations within your organization for others to use. Best of all the GEMs Award Program is included FREE with VOICE Clinics.
Every VOICE Clinic includes 6 to 10 service and collaboration standards that participants document and their managers review and coach to certify the participants in each Clinic. The Accountability Process is the most thorough means to ensure behavioral change on the job and improve HCAHPS scores.
Each VOICE Clinic includes an optional knowledge-based test (multiple choice items) that participants complete online to be elidgible for receiving CME credits.
This is a great way to hold final graduation and celebration ceremonies for all participants of the Clinics. This 60-90-minute event can be hosted by your executives and our trainers. The event can include employee awards for GEMs, videos of patients and employees attesting to the changes, volunteer skits of the VOICE skills, and other fun and entertaining activities.
Choose to include simple customizations like your organization’s name and logo, your own program name, executive letters, or organizational values and vision statements. Or we can do more complex customizations to add your own skill examples and patient challenges. We can even embed skills and models you previously trained to. Tell us what you’d like to include and we’ll make it happen.