Best Patient Experience & Hospital Customer Service

VOICE Clinics truly allow me to make the patient experience the best it can be.  Director, Environmental and Linen Services

VOICE Clinics are an excellent resource for all employees to improve and foster customer service.Cardiovascular Serviceline Director

VOICE Clinics is the best healthcare and hospital customer service program for improving patient experiences. VOICE Clinics establishes common patient-centered healthcare values, skills, and standards hospital-wide to create the best patient experiences, build patient trust, and establish positive patient relations.

Patient Experience Ownership®

To improve customer service in hospitals and healthcare in-general, VOICE Clinics develop these skills and attitudes in all hospital employees:

  • Own the Patient’s Experience is a commitment to be responsible for and advocate of positive patient experiences
  • Manage Expectations enables patient experience management that helps prevent negative healthcare patient experiences and enables exceeding patient expectations
  • Give GEMs that Go the Extra Mile goes beyond customer in hospitals to empower employees to do what it takes to delight patients and improve patient experiences
  • The 5-Ps of Respect enables employees to build patient trust and patient confidence
  • Authentic VOICE empowers every employee to speak from their own values and beliefs and builds hospital employee satisfaction and engagement in a way that attracts and retains quality healthcare employees
  • I-Can Response is the skill of always saying what you can do, not just what you cannot do, to build patient trust, establish positive patient relations and create the best hospital patient experience

Whether you seek to improve customer service hospitals, customer service medical, customer service in nursing, or improve patient-physician relationships, or hospital employee satisfaction, or a hospital patient experience strategy, Skill Clinics give your employees the skills, attitudes, and motivation to create the best patient experiences and patient relations possible. VOICE Clinics' concepts and models, including Patient Experience Ownership®, are a must for patient experience officers and coordinators, and for patient experience mapping.

VOICE Clinics are more than a hospital customer service training program. VOICE Clinics are a patient collaboration skills program that builds patient satisfaction and improves the quality of healthcare.