Attract, Retain, & Empower Top Talent

Retaining Hospital ProfessionalsBefore VOICE Clinics we were losing people and needed to counsel some to find more suitable work. VOICE Clinics just made all that go away. — Chief Nursing Officer


Employee empowerment

VOICE Clinics build a culture of employee empowerment. Be prepared, VOICE Clinics empower employees by saying to them:

  • VOICE Clinics are for every hospital employee
  • Every employee creates patient experiences and impacts the quality of healthcare
  • Every employee, regardless of title, is a HealthCare Professional
  • Verbal abuse and neglect is a problem, and we are here to stop it now, together
  • Speak from Your Authentic VOICE in your own words and language
  • Express your concerns and needs, and your opinions and recommendations as yours
  • Every patient, family member, visitor, and co-worker is also a customer
  • We all have TRU Needs: Task & treatment, Respect, and Uniqueness
  • Your contributions, questions, and involvement is what is rewarded
  • Learn from each other and help each other succeed
  • Give GEMs that Go the Extra Mile in unwritten ways that come from you
  • Select, interpret, and commit to the standards that are right for your job and for you
  • Define job standards in terms of what you do and say and what works for you
  • Assess your own strengths and improvement needs
  • Bring your personal, team, and organizational strengths to every interaction
  • SpeakWell of others, the organization, and yourself

VOICE Clinics really help staff work more effectively. The workshops have made everyone aware, and they are vocal when others don’t use VOICE skills. Practice Manager

Management and employee skills are the same

Employees and managers learn that their communication skills are the same and that they are held to the same standards:

  • Employees and managers attend VOICE Clinics to learn the same skills
  • All employees and managers document how they met the same standards
  • All employees, managers, and co-workers are expected to collaborate as part of a team
  • Clinic Leaders have no special knowledge or skill other than having experienced Clinics first
  • Clinics imbed traditional management skills — behavior observation, constructive criticism, and group facilitation — for all to learn and use with and for each other

I love the empathy and GEMs VOICE Clinics. — Practice Manager

GEMs Employee-to-Employee Service Reward Program

VOICE Clinics give employees real authority — usually reserved for managers —   to take the initiative, to innovate, and to reward other employees for their performance. Introduced and applied from VOICE Clinic 1 on, GEMs® (Go the Extra Mile) are always there, always in the background, as a creative force to solve problems, take initiative, be spontaneous, go above and beyond expectations to do what is right for the situation based on each person’s opinions and values.

Likewise, the GEMs Employee-to-Employee Service Reward Program empowers employees to recognize other employees for giving GEMs to them, patients, or other co-workers.

Clinic #4 (Delight with GEMs) introduces the GEMs Reward Program. Clinic 4 focuses entirely on GEMs and the many ways to use them. Participants work together to identify, create, and apply GEMs to anticipate customer needs, solve customer problems, recover from mistakes, and make life-changing moments. When employees complete Clinic 4, they are handed GEM Forms to complete and give to other employees as recognition for GEMs those employees gave to anyone. The GEM Forms act as both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for the giver and receiver of the GEM award. That is employee empowerment.