The 100 VOICE Standards

Nure patient communication trainingVOICE Clinics allowed us to translate our core care principles into How-to’s and immediate action.
—Director of Environmental and Linen Services


Standards are necessary for change

If there are no standards or measures of performance on the job used by management for human resource decisions, there will be little or no change in long-term behavior and organizational results.

To ensure long-term individual and organizational change, VOICE Clinics:

  • Define the service and collaboration performance standards
  • Develop employees’ skills to meet the standards
  • Obtain employee commitments to meet those standards
  • Have employees document how they meet the standards
  • Enable managers and employees to jointly select, modify, and add standards
  • Provide the structure and documents for managers to track the standards
  • Implement validated Behavioral Observation Forms on the standards using HCAHPS response scale
  • Provide structured daily and formal coaching to the interactions
  • Implement the GEMs service reward program to reinforce the standards

Hospital volunteer trainingVOICE  Clinics translate common-sense concepts into common practice.
—Critical Care Unit Director


The 100 VOICE Standards

Each VOICE Clinic implements 5 to 12 unique standards for all healthcare employees, for a total of 100 VOICE Standards. The standards for the  ten VOICE Clinics are grouped into these areas:

  • Own the Patient’s Experience
  • Align to Build Trust and Confidence
  • KIND Greetings™
  • Manage Expectations
  • Delight with GEMs
  • Respect Others
  • Ask and Listen
  • Explain and Instruct
  • Empathize
  • Resolve Complaints
  • Peer Coaching